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At EMP JAPAN Inc., we are providing service for foreign individuals visiting Japan. We will strive to continue to give service that people would wish to have.

Make Your Life Easier in Japan

Our concept is to make the stay comfortable and convenient, for those visiting Japan. If you are planning to stay for long, we will introduce you to places to stay and places to work.

For Those Desiring, Work in Japan

If you are an international student or a foreign resident planning to work in Japan, we will introduce to you what you need, with our unique service in your language.



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We provide reservation agency service, mobile communications, real estate agency service, recruitment service, introductions to studying abroad, and travel agency service.

Most importantly, we think about satisfying our customers' needs and will provide high standard service.

What you wish for, we have at EMP JAPAN Co., Ltd. We will challenge and dive into various businesses so you will choose to confide in us.


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There are services we need precisely because of the globalizing era.

It goes the same for Japan as globalization is progressing.

The reason why I established this business is because I wanted to make a company that many people would need at such age.

We will spare no effort in providing good service for our clients.

At EMP JAPAN Inc., we will fulfill your needs as a agency for foreign visitors.


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