Study abroad

We will provide overall support for those that want to study from Japan to overseas, and vice versa.

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For International Students & Japanese Schools
Businesses for Overseas Studying

Provide detailed information about schools located in Japan
Guide to studying abroad in native language
Native staff help issues and worries after travelling abroad to study
Provide information about the acquisition of the scholarship system for leading private universities

For Universities & Special Colleges
Japanese School

Appeal features of the schools to countries
Introduce excellent students from overseas
Support for interviews, document selections, document translations overseas

Please do not hesitate to contact us about homestaying, summer schools, short and long term overseas studying.


Major countries for studying abroad

Japan, United States of America, Switzerland, Poland, Canada, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepar, Thailand, China, South Korea, and more to come.


Public and private graduate schools
Advancement course


Employment course


Short term japanese culture experience program


Field trip to Japan program



Please feel free to contact us for any concerns.

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