WIMAX Rental Service for International Students in Japan (Student Discount)

Deposit Monthly usage Office fee
10,000 yen~ From 3,960 yen/month From 3,240 yen/month

Mobile Wi-Fi Rental Service for Tourists and Short-Term Visitors from Overseas

Our mobile Wi-Fi rental service will solve problems such as “The wifi router contract is so complicated...”, “I don't have a credit card, but it looks like I need one...”
You will be able to use it without worry, as it is easy to sign the contract, and easy to use the wifi.

Mobile Phone Sales Business

If you either sign a new contract (includes MNP) to, or change your phone model into a mobile or smartphone (Android or iPhone), we will provide you with the Biz Package plan that allows you to save money when doing so. If you sign the contract with a corporate name, we will provide you with a plan that again, allows you to save money when using various services.



Please feel free to contact us for any concerns.

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